Post Saver

Deerness Fencing and Landscaping have invested in a post-saver machine located within our workshop within Bowburn, and the post-saver sleeves can be added to all lengths of 100x100 (4 x 4) timber posts and 100mm diameter timber rounds.

Deerness Fencing and Landscaping Limited have made further investments following a successful framework award with Broadacres Housing Association.

Deerness Fencing and Landscaping will work in partnership to deliver all planned, void properties, repairs, and maintenance fencing replacements from October 2023 for an initial three years, with the option for the contract to be extended by a further two years.

As part of this framework, Deerness Fencing and Landscaping and Broadacres, through collaborative working, will increase the life expectancy of a timber fence post by installing post savers on all posts that are to be installed.

The anticipation and scientific records of a post saver will increase the life expectancy of a timber post from being attacked by post rot and decay. The post saver extends the life expectancy and guarantees the post will be in situ for 20 years, whereas a normal timber post will be affected after 6 years of being installed into the ground.

Deerness Fencing and Landscaping have invested in a post saver machine within our workshop within Bowburn, and we can add the post saver sleeves to all lengths of 100×100 (4 x 4) timber posts and 100mm diameter timber rounds.

Not only will Deerness Fencing and Landscaping be exclusively delivering this for Broadacres Housing Association, we will be offering this for all clients and any private customers who either want a supply and installation option or supply only option.



All Post Rot Protectors

• Designed to be used on new fence posts, they are not a retrofit product for posts already in service
• Non-toxic
• Prevent loss of wood preservative from the post
• Seal to the post surface and lower the entry point for moisture from the ground, ensuring the moisture content at the top of the sleeve is reduced
• Isolate the wood at the ground line section of the post from 5 of the 7 factors required for wood decay to occur


What are Postsaver post rot protectors?

Post rot protectors are designed to prevent timber decay by sealing the vulnerable ground-line section of the post. They are the only total barrier protection products available.

Post-rot protectors create an air- and water-tight seal to ensure all factors of decay are locked out while preservatives remain locked in.

Post-rot protectors consist of a heat-shrinkable outer thermoplastic film lined with a meltable thermoplastic sealant. They are available as Pro-Sleeves with a welded seam or Pro-Wraps featuring a strip of adhesive tape to hold in place prior to heating.
When heated, using a gas blow torch or infrared oven unit, the sealant melts before it is forced into tight contact with the timber surface as the outer thermoplastic layer shrinks. This creates an air and water tight seal on the post surface.

When installed, around 5cm of the total barrier is left above ground level to ensure the most vulnerable ground line section has maximum protection.

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