Paul Thirlaway

Paul, the Contracts Supervisor for the North Tyneside Contract, confidently collaborates with the client's site manager to establish and maintain a highly productive partnership.

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About Paul

Paul joined Deerness Fencing and Landscaping in 2017, starting in the landscaping team and assisting with grounds maintenance at Sunderland University. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent closure of the Landscaping Department, Paul's unique skills were considered critical to the company, leading to a rapid transfer to the fencing department. Here, he worked on the North Tyneside Council contract, responsible for green waste removal and takedown operations. He took on more significant responsibilities over time, developing a closer relationship with the client and conducting weekly property handovers. In recognition of his invaluable contributions, Paul was promoted to the role of Contracts Supervisor in 2022. This new position guarantees a seamless partnership with North Tyneside Council for years to come.

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Deerness Fencing & Landscaping have worked in Partnership with North Tyneside Council, carrying out planned fencing works for the past 10 years with an average annual value of £1,200,000. We supported the client with budget planning which involved fencing surveys of individual properties.

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