The Red Sky Foundation Red Sky Ball 2023

Deerness Fencing and Landscaping attended the 2023 Red Sky Foundation Ball.

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Red Sky Foundation is an authentic example of how the smallest idea can grow to become something phenomenal and, more importantly, can make a life-changing difference to so many people.

The registered charity was born out of a straightforward wish, that couple Sergio and Emma Petrucci could give something back to the magnificent team at the Children’s Heart Unit at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.

This unit’s outstanding work with young people from across the UK is nationally recognized and often makes the difference between life and death for families.

Sergio and Emma were one of these families who faced the trauma of their little girl, Luna, undergoing life-saving heart surgery in 2015.

On the morning of the operation, Sergio looked out of his window and saw a sky filled with fire from the sunrise, vowing that if his daughter fully recovered, he would support the unit in any way he could.

And he made good on that promise, initially launching what he believed would be a one-off fundraising dinner, the Red Sky Ball, to buy vital equipment for the hospital.

This is the third year Deerness Fencing and Landscaping Ltd. have attended the ball, with Jim also doing charitable bike rides throughout the year, which contributes to this fantastic charity, which has raised to date just short of a million pounds vital funds for large and small pieces of equipment, facilities, and aftercare for the Children’s Heart Unit and other district hospitals providing coronary care. However, we go far beyond funding cardiac machines and nursing care; we positively affect our local communities, schools and city centres with our inclusive defibrillator program, making the region a safer place to enjoy.

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The Red Sky Ball 2023

The team and their partners all look fabulous, and everyone makes a stunning effort.

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A fantastic night and fantastic food

Work of art on a plate and also tasted delicious thanks to The Red Sky Foundation

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The Party Started

With the entertainment getting underway the team started to let their hair down

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The team partying hard

With a great night well underway and the great company had all enjoyed the night

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