Paul Allison

Paul initially became a part of the company in 2006 and gradually climbed the ranks to become a Landscape Foreman. He performed his responsibilities with great efficiency until he opted to seek new prospects beyond the organisation in 2014.

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About Paul

In 2020, Paul took charge and made the decision to return to the business. The position of landscape contract manager soon became available and he eagerly stepped up to the challenge, excelling in the role. Paul's outstanding management skills shone through as he successfully managed numerous landscape contracts that the business had won. However, in January 2021, when the business was sold by Esh Group, it was decided that the landscaping department would be consolidated. Despite this, the business recognized Paul's value and did not want to lose him. When the position of Fencing Supervisor opened up, Paul was the obvious choice. Once again, he has proven his worth by effectively managing a broad portfolio of business contracts. Impressed by his unwavering success, the business finally promoted Paul to Contract Manager.

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Deerness Fencing & Landscaping have worked in Partnership with North Tyneside Council, carrying out planned fencing works for the past 10 years with an average annual value of £1,200,000. We supported the client with budget planning which involved fencing surveys of individual properties.

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